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What is SoCal Wienerfest?


SoCal Wienerfest - the biggest sausage fest in Southern California!


SoCal Wienerfest was created as an event to bring dachshund lovers, from all over the country and beyond, together in one amazing place, Huntington Beach, CA. 

Our goal is to have fun celebrating our love for our little wieners, to promote rescues and adoptions of local pups, and to raise awareness about IVDD. 

To make a long story short (heh!), we're obsessed with wiener dogs. They make our days better, our lives better, and what is there not to like about them?!


Just call us the "Crazy Wiener Dog Ladies."

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WF collage_edited_edited.jpg

How did we start SoCal Wienerfest?

Once upon a time, there were 2 girls named Kat & Allison who liked dachshunds and had visions of a BIG meetup with all of their wiener dog friends.


We hosted our first event in 2016 and we hoped for 50 people and their pups to come. Over 200 people showed up and we realized how huge this the dachshund-loving community can be!


In 2017, we moved the event to Huntington Dog Beach and asked our friend Dani to join us and help host dachshund races for that year. It was bigger than we could have ever imagined.

Every year the event gets bigger and bigger and we look forward hosting the event each May!

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