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Hosts of SoCal Wienerfest

Who are we?

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Allison Eagan

Miley, Penny, & Lilly


Allison has 3 dachshunds (Miley 13, Penny 6, and Lilly 8 months. RIP Daisy 3/10/07-4/15/22) She is a Pastry Chef in Riverside, Ca and raises the pups with her husband Clint.


Allison and the pups started sharing photos on Instagram in 2013 and has worked with many companies including WagAware, ASPCA, and multiple retail companies. Daisy, Miley, and Penny were on an episode of The Bachelorette on ABC. 

"We love to share our adventures with our followers! We use that to also work with shelters and other causes to help other pups in need!"

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Dani Moore



Jazzy was adopted by Dani (or was it the other way around?) in 2013 as the most precious pup on the planet! Jazzy is well known to be a perfect little princess.

A huge fan of belly rubs, Jazzy spends her free time sitting on laps, napping in the sun, and smoking sausage at the dachshund races! Don't let her soft demeanor fool you, she has a need - a need for speed!

Jazzy is an IVDD survivor after having emergency spinal surgery in 2021. To everyone's happy surprise, she made it back to the race track later in the year!

Dani and Jazzy spend their days as attached-at-the-hip as possible. If Jazzy can't accompany Dani to work, Jazzy makes sure that her fluff always makes an appearance. #doghairdontcare

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Stephanie Nguyen

Maple, Thor, & Loki


Stephanie has 3 dachshunds (Maple, Thor, and Loki). By day she is a West Coast Retail Director and by nights/weekends her hobby is dachshunds (yes that’s a hobby).


Stephanie is born and raised in Portland, OR where she got Maple as a pup in 2010. In 2017 she was relocated by her company to LA so her and Maple packed up the back of their outback and drove to LA with high heels and high hopes and have been basking in the sun since!


Coming to LA she quickly realized how large of a dachshund community there is so she started following dachshund rescues to seek to adopt. After a few failed applications she was approved for Loki in 2021. During her meet & greet with Loki she was told Loki was bonded to his brother Thor and of course she couldn’t separate the 2 so she ended up adopting both boys and that’s how The Doxie Squad became 3!


Last but not least, Stephanie realized post-pandemic how many rescues needed fosters to save lives so in 2023 she became a dachshund foster mum so at any given time The Doxie Squad household has at least 4 weens. She loves them short and long 🤎 

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Stephanie Pitts

Andy and Tucker


Stephanie grew up Los Angeles with dachshunds so it was only natural she would have them as an adult.  Steph has 2 dachshunds “the boys” (Andy 13 and Tucker 10). She is an educational therapist and has a group practice in Redondo Beach where she is known to be a board game guru.


She spends her free time finding gluten free food she can eat and making YouTube videos about it. 


Stephanie started the boys’ IG in 2015 and has met so many friends that share her love of dachshunds. 

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